Texas Predicts Explosion In Demand for Skilled Labor

City Mayor announces new initiative to support the local construction workforce

“A number of large infrastructure projects need thousands of workers… about $25 billion worth of infrastructure projects,” said the Mayor of Austin, TX, Kirk Watson, on Wednesday. “Everything from expanding the airport, Project Connect, the Light Rail to I-35. The challenge is we don’t have enough workforce to do that.

The city of Austin is among dozens of cities nationwide that recognize the critical role that skilled workers play in supporting the expansion of urban and interstate infrastructure.

“We need about 10,000 workers a year doing this sort of work,” Watson said. “Which means we need to increase our training and upskill folks by about 4,000 people a year.”

Across the country, the need for skilled talent exceeds 340,000 people this year alone, and is projected to increase, according to ABC.org. Crewtek is pleased to be a part of the solution, sharing the same mission outlined in Mayor Watson’s announcement of the Austin Infrastructure Academy this week. Together, we are each doing our part to provide the training and resources needed to move the country and our economies forward.

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