SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop First-Timers Recap

The excitement was real for first-time attendees and veterans alike to tour Kito Crosby Plant in Tulsa, OK. Traveling by bus for 1 ½ hours, attendees learned about Crosby’s continued investment into new technologies and their partnership in innovation. Approximately 120 people attended from the SC&RA Crane and Rigging Workshop held in Oklahoma City, OK. Attendees toured stations throughout the plant to get a closer look at each operation going on in the plant with a wonderful lunch to close up the tour. Paul Demattie, Vice President of Sales of The Crosby Group was the leader of my group.

The First-Timers Briefing was hosted by the Director of Membership of SC&RA
The workshop hosted industry-led meetings on safety education and training, labor, and from OEMs such as TADANO and Liebherr, to name a few.

Networking with CEO Zack Parnell of ITI and Meirav Oern of Versatile Natures and slid right into a keynote presentation on safety programs and the impact of regulatory changes led by NBIS, NationsBuilders Insurance Services.

Can’t wait for the next event!

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