CREWTEK, an 8-week accelerator program designed to prepare students for entry-level load handling positions, announces that its first cohort of students has graduated.

“The students that completed the Crane & Rigging Trainee program at our Woodland, Washington campus are motivated to get out into the industry,” said James Grover, Executive Director. “They each came to the program with different backgrounds, but collectively were seeking careers that take them out of the office and into the field,” he said.

In addition to providing hands-on instruction of crane operation, rigging, and load handling activities, CREWTEK assists students with resume writing, interviewing, and job placement.

“There is a lot of success to be found in crane and rigging operations. With the training I received, I can go anywhere. I see myself applying rigging knowledge to just about any industry, maintaining a career, and staying satisfied,” said Zachary Shadix. “I got far more than eight-weeks’ worth of instruction in that amount time,” he said.

“I expected the program to just be theoretical scenarios, but instead we were given the chance to actually operate equipment, signal a crane, find the center of gravity and choose different methods of rigging,” said Caden Anderson.

The students were all recent high school graduates with limited exposure to careers in equipment operation. “These students have shown that intensive instruction provided in just a few short months works. We were very impressed with their willingness to learn and the speed with which they picked up complex concepts,” said Grover.

With 12 Certifications and Qualifications in hand, the graduates are ready for entry-level employment in construction, machinery moving, manufacturing, heavy industry, and logistics.

On a personal level, CREWTEK instills confidence. “It is a lot of responsibility to work around cranes and heavy equipment but now I have the skills to handle it,” said Anderson.

“Right out of high school I was looking to get into equipment operation, but never took the steps to get there. CREWTEK has bridged that gap for me,” said Shadix.

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